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Nick– There have been many before this, but thanks to Lionel Budry and Sophie Lessard of Montreal, I decided it’s high time to get these tracks posted. As the Banff Mountain Film Festival continues to take Signatures around the world, it’s amazing to hear back from all the people who have been moved by our work. THANKS! After a long time coming, here are the subtle guitar licks that backed the board, noboard, ski, and drop knee soul from Signatures:

Fall — “Run River” by Jon Swift
Intro — “Bad Person” by The You
January Intro — “True Love” by Jon Swift
January — “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver
Atsushi Skate Style — “31 Years” by Elliot Brood
Yukita Noboard — “Stable song” by Gregory Alan Isakov
February — “Furr” by Blitzen Trapper
Night — “Undersea” by Jon Swift
Snowsurf — “no 100 miles” by Jon Swift
Yoichi — “ballad of big sur” by Jon swift
Spring — “valley town” by Elliot Brood
Summer — “there may be no end” by Jon swift


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